The videos shown below tell my own true story. These are facts I am willing to prove in a court of law. This website is dedicated to telling the true story of Preston Tyler Hudman & YouTube. Thank you for finding me. @prestonhudman

Preston Hudman has the conversation with Roberto Blake @robertoblake on twitter and threatens to make a Channel called "black screen tv" that involves buying views in order to rank videos that are just a muted black screen for 20 minutes. because all that is needed it the watch time and the content does not matter so even a muted black screen will rank as high as any of his video Preston said. Many times he told Roberto how for not that much money you could simply buy high retention views that last for 90% of there video giving loads of watch time and allowing a person to rank long videos for very little money. This was after Preston had shown Roberto a 30-minute video exposing seoclerks.com and high retention views for sale. This was Oct 4, 2016. the conversation between Blake and I can be seen on Facebook. Also note for future reference that the channel that is known as "bstv" the one that found the biggest glitch in it history called the negative sub glitch, his channel was made the same day that I released an important video and the name was taken from my conversation with Blake. More on that later.

Preston Hudman was the first person to ever trigger the algorithm on his own using keywords in his description to automatically channel strike himself on command and he did so 9 times waiting for them (YouTube) to fix it each time appealing it than swapping to another channel and after 7 days the description that had clearly been the cause of the strikes no longer worked and the striking stopped. each appeal was one within 24 hours. the final appeal simply said ".......fuck u." and was granted as usual. the striking was later then covered up by derral eves @derraleves in his"decoding the algorithm video" more on that later. This occurred on the 23 and 24th of December. even though I had not appealed it until the 24th they still knew it had happened the day before because even thou Preston did not yet alert anyone there was an anon question asked on Quora about why they got a channel strike in his playlist. the problem here is that it was happening due to a custom keyword-stuffed description that only Preston was using at the time and was USING TO STRIKE HIMSELF 9 TIMES CAREFULLY TESTING WHAT THE CAUSE WAS. THE CAUSE WAS THE DESCRIPTION AND IT ONLY HAPPENED ON PRESTONS CHANNELS AND NOT WHEN AN ALL-NEW CHANNEL WAS USED. THE DESCRIPTION WAS SAFE ON NEW CHANNELS BUT WOULD CAUSE INSTANT STRIKES ON PRESTONS. TWO CHANNEL AND NOT WHEN A NEW CHANNEL WAS CRATERED AND USED. This is all proven true not only by the video evidence and the data in all ways shapes and forms because Preston has a lot more videotape than just this segment on this subject but it is proven by Derral eves in his decoding the algorithm, video. he is caught telling false information about the situation and "covering Preston up" and appears to be doing so on behalf of youtube. More on this later, event ever. 

This is the day where Preston Hudman accidentally opened Pandora's box. on Jan 28, 2017, Preston Hudman uploaded a 1-hour video to YouTube that contained two major things...

1. he demonstrated that he was capable of tracking subscribers geolocation in real time before it has had a chance to update then he could compare the real data that was recorded in real time to the "fully updated" data that takes the place of the original data 48 hours after the original data occurs before Sept 18, 2017, the YouTube analytics did, in fact, update in real time and so the geolocations would update as soon s you lost subs. so what Preston did was record what the geolocations were and then moments after doing so he lost 16 subs. so he went back into the analytics to compare the recording he had just made to the newly updated geolocations shown in analytics and therefore could decipher the locations of who he just had lost. well even though he lost 16 subs somehow during the exchange he actually gained 5 from the USA, only to then lose more than five making the already negative number go lower. seeing this data in real time is important because what was recorded on that day is not reflected on today's analytics and never has been reflected in it ever since 2 days after the data originally occurs. the subscriber is gained and his geolocation is recorded, you could back then decipher his location before 2 days had passed and know where he was from. then 2 days later what you had deciphered would be changed into the fully falsified version. for example: before Sept 18 2017 if you memorized that current days geolocations for all your subs and then you waited 2 days and went back to look at that exact day that you memorized ... it won't be the same and what you memorized will be gone completely. But you only had a 2-day window of opportunity to ever see the real geolocations of the subs coming in and going out and only if you knew how to track it. I believe Preston Hudman is the only man to be able to do this.

2. Preston predicted that the silver play button was special and that having it would mean becoming a paid youtuber and not having it would make you an outsider and also that Roberto blake was in fact trying to keep people away from the silver play button all throughout his "how to get 100k video" where he suggests that ppl should hide the sub count when hiding the sub count just makes it impossible to buy subs and buying subs is exactly what Roberto and all other the other YouTubers do. I will prove all of this in good time. more on this Roberto situation later when youtube makes him pretend to be Preston Hudman's friend just to get information about of him. ALL CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN ROBERTO BLAKE AND PRESTON HUDMAN WILL BE REVEALED! That is all for now.

3. A 3rd thing happened on this day Jan 28, 2018, the day Preston released this video was also the day that "Bstv's channel was created. yes, black screen tv the kid who discovered youtube fake glitch and who was given 150k subs was actually created on the same day as Preston's video because youtube watched it around 5 pm (moments after it aired I'm sure) and sprung into action getting ready to launch the worlds biggest fake news event ever.

On Feb 8-10 2017 not only did the biggest glitch in it history occur but to the app happened that rocked the entire industry and left many sites altered and/or shut down completely. tube assist was forced to shut down, vagex.com stopped allowing monetized videos to be put into the traffic exchange and subscriber train.com suddenly admits to what they had previously lied to my face about the year before. This video is mostly about these updates and not about the negative sub glitch. The next video will discuss that entirely. This is also the first time I get the chance to explain what youtube help actually meant in the video called let's talk about subscriptions and how youtube can subscribe channels to you without you ever knowing. Every time a subscriber is unsubscribed by yet they get resubscribed right after but not counted so it counts as if they chose to unsub but they still are subbed. They want us to keep these fake subs for a reason. I believe it is to swap out our reals ones with them.

1. What derral eves and youtube meant when they made their videos " let's talk about subscriptions" and "youtube is broken unsub bug." How they are working together and what youtube was really telling us in that video that is now deleted by youtube.

2. It proves that youtube had been tracking Preston closely since he met Roberto on Oct 4, 2016, and it explains more in-depth about the channel strikes.

3. Then it explains how derral eves' decoding the algorithm video is blatantly covering Preston up and hiding what really happened which then when coupled with number 2 it proves that all of it is real.

4. This video explains how pewdiepie, keemstar, bstv, h3h3, idubzz, tana m, derral eves, roberto blake, tim schmoyer, and god knows how many other YouTubers are joined together in a conspiracy dedicated to not only harming the public by keeping them in the dark about there fraudulent behavior and global takeover but also they are keeping Preston and his story a secret and making sure everyone thinks he's crazy. He is not. They have erased all the data but Preston has copies of everything and can prove everything still. THIS VIDEO ONLY BEGINS TO PROVE THAT THE BLACK SCREEN NEGATIVE SUB GLITCH WAS A FAKE NEWS CONSPIRACY AND IN FACT, IT ALREADY DOES PROVE IT HOWEVER IT ONLY BEGINS TO PROVE IT BECAUSE THERE IS STILL SO MUCH MORE DAMNING AND 100% CONCLUSIVE AND IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE STILL TO COME!!!

So, I accidentally use too many alt accounts to subscribe to my channel too quickly I think and I trigger what is called a "chain ban". its called that because when you get banned so do all the subs that are subscribed to that channel so it starts a chain reaction of bans. I had 11 channels instantly banned by this. I noticed that the email notifications came by way of the "update" tab in Gmail indicating that I had triggered it myself and they were then automatically sent to me because I caused it. so I appealed it and they responded by sending me a message that came through the inbox indicating that a person had reviewed my appeal and was responding. They said I had done nothing wrong and they gave me back access however it was short lived because 10 mins later before I ever even signed back into the channel all 11 channels were once again banned for the same reason!. somehow all 11 channels once again did too much sub 4 sub but this time it was youtube doing it. they sent these notifications through the inbox this time not the update tab because I did not trigger it this time instead THEY SENT THEM TO ME. so my option to appeal was now gone and they proceeded to stonewall me and keep me locked out for months! I tried 2 more appeals but got denied! Several months later on September 18, 2017, they make changes to the analytics and suddenly when I do my 3rd appeal it gets granted. I come to find that what I was doing before (tracking the real geodata in real time) was no longer possible because they had stopped the analytics from updating in real time so we never get to see the real data not even during that 2-day window. so they make this update and claim it was to add additional sources and give us more granular options but that was just a cover story because what they did not tell anyone is that the analytics was working in real time before that day but they broke it just to stop me from tracking the real geodata.at the same time that they remove our ability to track it during those 2 days they suddenly feel the need to explain what they are doing during those 2 days which is to check for spam. funny how nothing actually changed yet they never felt the need to explain that part before because they just added it at this time also. This was what they were working at the moment. I made my video on Jan 28, 2017 and the whole bstv pewdiepie fake news thing was just to divert everyone attention away from my video because we had that window of time between JanJan 28, 2017, and Sep 18, 2017, to record as much real geodata as possible and stop the criminal activity once and for all but they bought themselves time by sidetracking everyone until their developers could finally finish breaking the analytics.

In this video, I start by showing footage of a survey I was given by youtube back in 2017 when they were designing g the studio beta as we now know it. In this survey, I predicted that they would remove geo data entirely eventually and also that subscriber watch time is something they would use against us so I put it at the bottom. Finally, I put the subscriber watch time real-time change at the top because that's what I had done myself actually I had tracked the change in subs geolocation in real time before it had a chance to update. After that, I go into explaining more about how subscriber analytics works and what exactly I did that got it in such a panic. More predictions are about to come true stay tuned...

This video is made using clips from a show called "electric sheep mostly human on CNN" and is about algorithms, social media, fake news, facebook, youtube, google, machine learning technology, big data, donald Trump, Cambridge analytics, SEO, Sub Glitch, analytics etc. It explains how algorithms work and how famous people use it to spread fake news on behalf of Google and Facebook. Even though FB is taking the fall in this video it is clearly talking about Google much more than FB and because of the lies told by people in it I can confirm that it is indeed being filtered by Google and used to promote Google's fake news agenda. Even though it does tell a lot of truth that the public needs to see asap its not the whole truth but that's where I come in. The algorithm is going to promote content that gets clicked on a lot and that produces more watch time from the viewers and because famous people have big audiences that click on there content it gives them the ability to band together and produce large amounts of fake news on behalf of Google. However, what they don't mention is the fact that over 70% of all web traffic is PAID traffic and not actually genuine. Therefore it's the money AND the fame that allows them to control all forms of media on behalf of Google so that over time we have been taught what to believe, what not to believe and many more things... I call it to google brain and I describe it as if the movie the matrix was real life because of honestly IMO that a lot closer to reality than what most people think is real. Everything you see and/or hear has passed through Google's filter.... unless your speaking to me. I don't know anyone else in the position I am in sadly. The core message of the video is this: algorithms and fake news go hand in hand but glitches have nothing to do with either because there are no glitches, not in YouTube, FB, twitter, algorithms are working as intended so is everything else. When the man uses the term "glitch" in this video what he means is this: If the algorithm does anything illegal or undesirable it is not the companies fault because it can think on its own so that's just a glitch. They want you to think that they are doing it "unknowingly". Only Google is promoting this THAT way so If you ever hear and or see these 3 things together then you know who's behind it and that it's a lie guaranteed. Those 3 things are Fake News, Algorithms, and Glitches. Just look in the opposite direction to find the truth at that point. As you can see in this video we have PewdiePie and all the big YouTubers producing actual fake news by using the algorithm as explained and what is the fake news story about? The infamous "sub Glitch" that again DOES NOT EXIST because THERE ARE NO glitches and I know that it's fake news because it is a response to my very own video that I uploaded on Jan 28, 2017. continue to the next video for more truth.

I start by giving a rather long recap of events and then proceed to dissect Roberto Blake's video called how to get 100k subscribers where he has successfully stopped many ppl using this tactic of making them think its some kind if wise maneuver to make it private as if ppl will judge you based on your skill. no, in fact, ppl will consider your count to be next to nothing. Blake basically lies a million times about his history/backstory and gives not just bad advise but fraudulent advice that leads you to failure. I talk about how I met him in Oct of 21016 and however since then YouTube has been tracking me. keep in mind there are dozens of videos that I made in between all these ones so there is a lot more depth and context to be shared I just did the best I could with this group of videos. So then probably a year after I had met Roberto and been blocked by him on Twitter that he suddenly reaches out to me on Facebook wanting to bury the hatchet and be my friend. he basically probes me with questions in order to figure out just how much of googles plans I knew. I pleaded with him to help me get a play button once I reached 100k because at the time I did not know about subscriber watch time and the secret behind the play button (more on that later). I was telling everyone who would listen all about how the play button was special and how I wanted to sell play button channels for a living but Blake kept telling me its nothing more than a paperweight. Our conversation will be uploaded to Facebook soon. It went on for over a week until eventually, I got so sick of hearing his pathetic lies that I just blocked him while he was in the middle of typing a really long message to me. lol. well, the very next day Tim Schmoyer from video creators announced the new memberships program (called sponsors at the time) and the ploy was just to try and lead me off course right before they dropped the bombshell that I was pretty much right. to be a paid youtube you needed 100k subs (now 50k but I still can't get it even though I have 72k because I'm stuck without Adsense because they know that if they give me Adsense I will quickly get the button because I've fixed my sub watch time)(A LOT MORE ON THAT LATER) Besides that Roberto can be found making videos about me under googles command and the last thing I will say about it is this... ROBERTO BLAKE IS TREATED LIKE A GOD BY YOUTUBE/GOOGLE BECAUSE HE IS THE MAN THAT BROUGHT THEM MY HEAD, AND IF NOT FOR ME THE WORLD WOULD NOT LOOK THE SAME AND GOOGLE HAS USED ME TO HURT ALL OF YOU AND ROBERTO ENJOYS THE SPOILS OF SUCCESS THAT I RIGHTFULLY DESERVE.

I have a premonition that may have been on point because we sure as hell don't hear about channel clusters anymore do we? so it had occurred to me that with them revealing channel clusters and related channels being controlled heavily by sub crossover and all, I decided to investigate whether or not it's possible to buy subs for yourself but also another person and sure enough it can be done. when you buy subs at any given time if you use the same place and send to two different ppl, each person will get the same subs giving them sub crossover and that is why you can see certain channel listed as related channels on bstv's fake glitch channel. its full of all the YouTubers who have him those 150k subs (h3h3, idubzz 2 and 2) so what I think they intended on doing was this... the revealed channel clusters and were in the process of revealing to the public that they too could use sub crossover to relate to there favorite YouTuber just by purchasing the both of them some subs. then i figured they would make it go viral and say that so many ppl bought subs for the famous ones that its now impossible to tell if any of it is real so they would do away with sub counts entirely this way. but whilst getting away with being fake and never get caught. the topic of channel clusters instantly died when i made this video because agentofdoubt made it get some attention and put it into the public record so to speak. which takes us to the next chapter of my story...

gallery/the worlds first negative sub count video

It all started when I made a 30 minute video about buying views that I showed to Roberto Blake on oct 4 2016. I had just discovered the website seoclerks.com and was exposing the fact that you can buy adsnese safe high retention views. What had lead me to this website and this realisation is another story for another time. I had previously been a youTuber for 5 years without ever buying anything for my channel. But ever since October 4 2016 YouTube has been tracking me every day because Roberto brought me to there attention...